New international marketing team drives business growth in Europe

For many years, we have supported our clients overseas. Whether its developing an international marketing strategy or delivering specific projects, we have worked closely with international clients who needed to increase their sales in Europe and beyond.

There is significant potential for business growth in Europe. After many stagnant years, the economies are now expanding and picking up speed. Crucially, growth appears to be across the whole of the EU and longer-term trends are positive. So now is an ideal time to focus on our international business plans.

As our international offering has grown, we have decided to support this with dedicated resources. The aim is to make sure our service levels are as strong as possible, regardless of point of delivery, while maximising opportunities for international expansion.

This strategy has been given a substantial boost by the creation of a new senior role – European Account Director – and the appointment of Dirk Werkers into that post.

International Marketing

Digital has no borders, so many of our marketing solutions are transferable at an international level. Perhaps surprisingly, numerous aspects of traditional marketing and communication can also be exported.

One of the many digital products we have developed is a very advanced CMS that is particularly suitable for news and B2B comms. With features such as file sharing, file handling, fast searches, tiered user accounts and content management, the system is extremely effective and is being rolled out to new clients across Europe and globally.

Visarc also excels at brand development and management, with procedures in place to ensure brand communication remains compliant and as strong as possible. While the language changes from one country to another, the process required to implement consistent comms does not.

Dirk will build on our existing presence in Europe, with hands-on involvement and further business growth across France, Germany, Benelux, the Netherlands and Italy. Beyond English, Visarc now has native speakers in French, German, Dutch and Italian. Of course, Dirk brings with him many years of international agency experience, or should we say expérience, ervaring, erfahrung, esperienza… maybe all of them!

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